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What our customers are saying...

Your work is simply beautiful.
Midwest Millinery Art Fashion Show
Chicago, IL

These (Treasure Bookmarks) are going into my Father's Day gift bags and going to be given out at our family gathering.  I am extra excited about having these to give away.  I believe everyone will be truly blessed by this.
The (Treasure) Journal and the bookmarks are awesome.  You really did your thing.
I received my order so FAST!
Calvary Baptist Church
Baltimore, MD

They (Treasure Journals) are lovely.  I am giving them to my Bible Study group.
New York, NY

Your designs are beautiful.
Forest Park, IL

I am very impressed with your work.
I slip them (Treasure Cards) in when I'm sending a little note or card.
New York, NY

I received my order so fast!
Monroeville, PA

I love the new bookmark designs (Set Three).
Chicago, IL

It is a great thing that you are doing to spread the Word  and comfort people.
St. Mark's United Methodist Church
New York, NY

They (Treasure Bookmarks) are really beautiful, I gave them as gifts.
Y. R.

I keep a Treasure Card in my wallet.  It seems to always stand out when I am having a trying day.
T. A. 
Joliet, IL 

A nice way to carry the message.  I carry a Treasure Card in my wallet.
L. Beans
Miami, FL

These Treasure Cards are great.  I used them as inserts in my Christmas cards.
C. Daniels
New York, NY

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.
Matthew 6:21

I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised: 
so shall I be saved from my enemies. 
Psalm 18:3

Express the love of God through art.  


   Treasure Sharing Idea:
 Use a Treasure Journal to
 keep all your Scripture 
 confessions in one handy 
 place for easy access.