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Gift ideas 
Give a gift of substance...share the Treasure of God's Word with others.  
Here are some ideas to get you started.
Treasure Sharing Ideas

  Ministry ideas:

   Consider MyPrayerTreasure.com  items for ministry gifts - show your love and appreciation to staff, members    or event attendees.

   * * * Discount pricing, based on quantity, is available.
* * * * * * * Wedding Bells * * * * * * *   
    As weddings reflect the relationship of Jesus to the body of Christ, a wedding is the perfect time 
    to  share the heart of God with others.  

   Treasure Sharing Idea:
   MyPrayerTreasure items make great bridesmaid gifts and wedding favors.   

For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.
Matthew 6:21
All artwork is by 
Tedi Hartman Marshall ©
  Off to College they go...
  Send college students off with the well-wishes of the Father and reminders of the seeds planted while at home.

  Treasure Sharing Idea:
  Include a set of Treasure Bookmarks in your trunk party gift. 
Vacation Bible School
  Treasure Sharing Idea:
  Give MyPrayerTreasure items to VBS attendees to encourage them to apply the lessons learned throughout     the year.   (Quantity discounts are available)
Pastor or Clergy Appreciation  
  Show your appreciation for the men and women of God in your life - Pastor, Clergy or those the Lord uses to
  encourage and direct you, and speak life into your heart. 

  Treasure Sharing Idea:
  Treasure Quotes are perfect - customized to suit your sentiments and the occasion.
  Give an original piece of art featuring the Word of God - matted or framed.  You provide the Scripture,  I will
  create the design.  (Contact us with the details and for additional information.)

  College Days...College Days...College Days
   Assure the college students in your life with reminders of who they are in Christ.

  Treasure Sharing Idea:
  Include a Treasure Bookmark or Treasure Card in each care package you send to your college student.

Treasure Bookmarks

Set of (5), one of each design

  Click on image
for enlarged view

  Sharing Idea:
  Slip a Treasure Bookmark into a new Bible or
  book allowing the creativity of God to be ever
  before them.

Treasure Cards
(Scripture/Enclosure Cards)

Set of (5) cards, various designs, (5) glassine envelopes

  Click on image 
for enlarged view

Sharing Idea:
Place a Treasure Card in the included glassine envelope and slip it into a birthday greeting card.
    "JUST BECAUSE..." 
    A "JUST BECAUSE..." gift is given for no apparent reason - there is no big holiday or special event.

    Give a "JUST BECAUSE..." gift to:
~ Tell someone they are thought of    Share the love
Tell someone God has not forgotten them~ Remind of His faithfulness 
~ Encourage someone to keep the faith       ~ Show your appreciation

    MyPrayerTreasures.com items make great "JUST BECAUSE..." gifts - tasteful, artistic, featuring the Word 
     of God.
     Treasure Sharing Idea:
    Have a touch of God awaiting your coworker's arrival - place a Treasure Bookmark or Treasure Card on
     his/her desk.  
~ ~ SchooBells ~ ~ ~

  This school year is almost over.  Plant seeds of appreciation and encouragement with
  MyPrayerTreasure items.

    Treasure Sharing Idea
  Teachers: send your students off with expressions of God's love.
   Parents/Students: Say thank you to your teacher(s) with reminders of God's faithfulness.

I will call upon the Lord, 
who is worthy to be praised: 
so shall I be saved from my enemies. Psalm 18:3

Express the love of God through art.  


   Treasure Sharing Idea:
 Use a Treasure Journal 
 to keep all your 
 Scripture confessions in
 one handy place for easy

  Summer, SummerSummertime!
  PicnicsBarbeques and Family Reunions...

  Treasure Sharing Idea:
  Add a  Treasure Card (Scripture/Enclosure card),  Treasure Bookmark or  Treasure Journal  to gift
  bags and send your gifts off with a touch of His Word.      (Quantity discounts are available)
   "Get Well Soon"   

   Healing and good health are God's plan and desire for us.  Whether physical, mental, emotional or
   spiritual, use the Word and beauty of God to cause a speedy recovery.

    Treasure Sharing Idea:
     Slip a MyPrayerTreasure item in a Get Well card.

     (Thank you, Theodora Hartman, for submitting this Treasure Sharing Idea.)

(Additional Treasure Sharing Ideas are listed below.)

    Easter: Resurrection Sunday
   As one body let's celebrate God's great love.   
   Treasure Sharing idea:
   Write a brief celebration message in a Treasure Journal and give it to someone not on your
   regular gift-giving list.
   Also check out Christianbook.com everything Christian for less

   Christmas Sharing Encouragement

    Don't allow the economic meltdown to deter you from sharing the love of God this Christmas season.

    A token of love is just the thing to help lift the heart of someone going through a challenging time.

    MyPrayerTreasures.com can help you in two...count 'em 1...2 ways.
    Our items are perfect to encourage and remind that we are not alone - regardless of how it appears -
    with original designs and featuring the Word of God.

    Treasure Sharing Idea:

    Treasure Card and Treasure Bookmark sets can be split up to distribute individually in greeting cards,
    leave on a coworkers desk or slip under a neighbors door.  Or give a Treasure Journal to someone at
    It's inexpensive and makes an AMAZING statement!

Bless Him...Praise Him...Share the love of the Lord at all times.

  Random acts of love: a warm smile; an extended hand of support; a compliment to
  someone in passing; a simple "God loves you" to someone having a bad day.
  This is how we can bless the Lord.

  Treasure Sharing Idea:
  Have fun sharing the love of God.  
  Look for someone to whom you can give a Treasure Card and brighten their day.  (Example:
     the bus driver, mail carrier, cashier, etc.)

Encourage someone to begin using the Word of God to make changes in their life.  Taking specific Bible verses that speak of the promises, purposes, mind and heart of God and speak them aloud (confess).

Treasure Sharing Idea:
Start them off with a large Treasure Journal to log the various verses chosen; call it a "Happenings Book", dedicated h olding the personalized verses to confess for change.